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  • Engineered lightweight steel frame and roof structure
  • Engineered steel mesh diaphragm on both sides
  • Polymer based stucco on both sides with fiberglass membrane
  • Celcrete infill gives excellent thermal properties
  • Celcrete infill provides excellent acoustic properties
  • This system is accurate, all members made using CAD CAM technology members pre-punched for services
  • Can build up to 3 stories high
  • lightweight easy to transport or airlift machinery can go anywhere
  • High productivity rate saves costs and increases profit
  • Ideal for large housing developments and commercial projects
  • Low skill level can be used on all machinery
  • High strength building at lower than conventional cost
  • Stucco plaster applied 70% faster than conventional up to 100m² / hr. at maximum thickness of 15mm
  • There are no toxins in the system and very little waste therefore is Eco-Friendly, steel waste is recycled
  • The system allows maximum flexibility in design

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