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  1. Ideal for renewal and construction of gravel roads in rural areas
  2. Can be used on many difficult soil types
  3. Does not require detours on existing roads
  4. Water based and does not contaminate equipment
  5. Is environmentally safe and does not leach
  6. Application requires max 30 mins. curing
  7. Roads reopened to traffic immediately
  8. Has high bearing strength and high tensile strength
  9. Requires no cement or lime
  10. Product is UV stabilised
  11. Can be used on materials with P.I. <3 to 15 with no additives, to exceed normal standard.
  12. Can finish up to 3000m² per day
  13. Can be used as base course for various finishes
  14. Ideal for use on virgin land for landing strips and service roads
  15. Can be used in quarry and mine roads
  16. Is cheaper than conventional road construction

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